Learn to play Oicho-Kabu

Oicho-Kabu is a card game like Blackjack.Comparing card game between dealer and player.In this game,CPU is Dealer、You are Player.

The Object of the game

The object of the game is to get the last digit of your cards total larger than the dealer. the strongetst digit is 9(Kabu),subsequently 8,7 - weakest is 0. Apart from that,There are some special hands.

Special Hands

4 and 1 is called Shippin.(Player Hand)
9 and 1 is called Kuppin.(Dealer Hand)
3 same number cards called Arashi
Arashi can get triple wager.
If each side got Arashi,
the last last diget decides the winner.
strength is

Money in your pocket

Your pocket is ¥200 at beginning.
you play 10 rounds, if your final pocket reaches over ¥200,
you can carry over your pocket to the next game.

Bet Limit

Before staring gamebBet Limit is determined.
Your total bet cannot over Bet Limit.
Along with earning more pocket,Bet Limit will be increased.

Second Card

From the left,second will be dealt.
you will choose stand or hit by the last digit of cards total.
However、If the digit less than or equal to 3. you must hit.
And、If the digit over than or equal to 7, you must stand.

Dealer cards

Next, dealer cards will be dealt. then, open all cards to show down.
if the digt is the same dealer, the winner is the dealer.


after 10 round,earning score will be post to the leaderboad
if score is less than 0, not posted.
if you have no pocket,the game will be over.

Yaku Hands : what you can win on

Here are the hands, ranging from best to worst.

Arashi Triple same numbers

Arashi Arashi Arashi

Kuppin 9 and 1 (Dealer Only)

Kuppin Kuppin

Shippin 4 and 1 (Non-Dealer Only)

Shippin Shippin

Kabu 9 last digit of sum number is nine

Kabu 9 Kabu 9

Oicho 8 last digit of sum number is eight

Oicho 8 Oicho 8

Shichiken 7 last digit of sum number is seven

Shichiken 7 Shichiken 7

Roppou 6 last digit of sum number is six

Roppou 6 Roppou 6

Goke 5 last digit of sum number is five

Goke 5 Goke 5

Yotsuya 4 last digit of sum number is four

Yotsuya 4 Yotsuya 4

Santa 3 last digit of sum number is three

Santa 3 Santa 3

Nizou 2 last digit of sum number is two

Nizou 2 Nizou 2

Pin 1 last digit of sum number is one

Pin 1 Pin 1

Buta 0 last digit of sum number is Zero

Buta 0 Buta 0